Guitar Lessons

For information about guitar lessons please contact Andrew DeCarlo via email at or call (317) 345-1438.




My name is Andrew DeCarlo and I am a professional guitarist with 25+ years of experience performing and teaching the art of guitar. I am a proficient player of most styles including Americana, folk, bluegrass, blues, popular music, classical, jazz, and more. I have had years of contemporary and classical guitar lessons, I have been performing music most my life and I really enjoy teaching the art of guitar to students of all levels.

I teach guitar lessons at my home and I teach at Woodshed Music Store in Fort Collins. I teach Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced guitar students of all ages. I am a patient teacher and I am very dedicated to the progress of my students. I create and customize all my lesson plans to suit the individual needs of my students. I will teach you how to play the songs you love but I can also teach you many of these other viable skills that will transfer to everything you play.


  • Fundamental Music theory
  • How to learn and practice scales
  • How to read sheet music and tablature (TAB)
  • Strength and speed training
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Lead techniques, improvisational skills and CAGED theory
  • Ear training
  • Vocal training
  • Songwriting
  • Stylistic approaches (bluegrass, blues, popular music, etc)
  • Finger style guitar and “Travis-Picking” style
  • Bluegrass instrumental “fiddle” tunes, jazz tunes, and much more!


 Contact me directly for questions about lessons, rates and to schedule your lessons either at my home or at Woodshed Music in downtown Fort Collins, located in the Music District.

Phone: (317) 345-1438 Email:

Online teaching example: "Southern Flavor" (Flat Pickin')

Example of Travis Style Finger picking (Travis Pickin')